Laxmi Narayan Mandir

Hindu Temple & Cultural Trust Centre (TRUST) was formed on 21st April 1994 and registered with the Charity Commission on 23rd March 1995. All the Life Trustees ad Life Members are from different walks of life, young and old, professionals and pensioners. The Trust is committed to serving you and to provide a place of worship in the Hounslow area.

By now we hope that your are aware that Hounslow Borough Council has agreed to provide 0.75 acres of land adjacent to the Civic Centre. A two story building will be constructed consisting of a temple, multi-purpose hall, and library.

This is a unique opportunity for the Hindu community to pool their resources and make this project a big success. To this end we urge all of you to donate generously and invite your friends and relatives to support this noble mission. We hope that by supporting and co-operating with the Trust, you will help us achieve our target of over a million pounds.

It is vitally important that the younger generation should have the opportunity of having a centre in Hounslow which will not only serve as a place of worship, but also a cultural centre.

We thank-you all for your continued support in our efforts for this noble cause.

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